Michael F. Coyle, CBI, CExP


CenterPoint Business Advisors was founded early in 2004 by Michael F. Coyle, CBI CExP. Michael, recognized the real need in the New England states for a new breed of business brokerage that employed a consultative process to ensure success in business transfer.

Today, this vision has evolved into a full service organization  assisting the owners of small to mid-sized businesses realize their goal of transferring their business for full value.The CenterPoint approach is unique. As evidenced by our industry leading sell-through rate (82% of our engagements are successfully transferred) our client’s are vastly more successful than if attempting to sell their businesses on their own, or with one of our competitors.

Why is CenterPoint unique?

Our respective teams join to work through the complex task of transferring ownership, with CenterPoint’s primary responsibility to manage the process and the details.From exit planning to business valuation, through the many stages required for a successful win-win closing, CenterPoint positions itself as a professional intermediary between its clients and the pool of qualified buyers.Our team consists of highly trained and accredited advisors and client support staff to help you exit your business in style.

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