Do you understand the value of your business?

  • For most business owners their single largest asset is their business. Many owners of small and mid-sized businesses have 50-75% of their net worth tied up in their business
  • When exiting your business you typically only have one chance to transfer your business assets in a way that meets all of your objectives
  • The reality is that most business owners only have an anecdotal perception of the value of their business and relying on this type of perceptions can lead to large gaps in future wealth and lifestyle
  • Value is really in the eyes of the beholder and it is important to understand value perspectives that range form insider transfers (family & management) and various types of 3rd party buyers (individual, financial, strategic, industry)
  • Understanding and managing your value drivers and detractors in your business can greatly enhance the outcome
  • We recommend some level of business valuation and value driver analysis as part of any transition or pre-sale planning process


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