NHGA Conference

As I left the NH Grocer’s Association annual conference last week, I had two initial reactions:

1. This was a great opportunity! The independent operators seminar was extremely informative. The law firm of McLane Graf, Raulerson & Middleton covered the topics of group purchasing, the new health care law, and planning an exit from your business. This was followed by a group discussion, led by John Dumais, regarding issues faced by store owners. One topic that brought much participation related to choosing an electric supplier for your business. Every participant left with good ideas and a better knowledge of the issues related to health care and exit planning.

2. Why weren’t more store owners present? Sure you have a business to operate. That keeps you plenty busy. Sometimes it is necessary to work smarter, not harder. This conference provided a great opportunity to meet other store operators who share the same challenges, concerns, and problems that you do. This conference provided the perfect atmosphere to build relationships with, and learn from, other store operators.

The NH Grocers Association exists to benefit those in the grocery business. Even the members that stay at their store and do not participate benefit from the legislative work and other programs that the NHGA offers. However, the members that participate and attend the conference certainly benefit more.
As next September rolls around, I encourage grocers to make a commitment to register and attend this informative conference. It will benefit you and your business.
Do you know the value of your business? In the seminar discussion about succession planning, this was one of the main points the presenters made. Most business owners do not know the value of their business, yet this is the first step in planning an exit from your business. And every business owner should be planning for an eventual exit, unless your goal is be to be the richest person in the cemetery. CenterPoint can help you determine the value of your business and point out ways to increase that value and prepare your business for sale.