Confidentiality Agreement

In connection with the possible acquisition of the below listed opportunity, or any other business opportunities presented by CenterPoint Business Advisors, Inc. to you

CenterPoint Business Advisors, Inc. will furnish you information regarding this business(es), its financial condition, operations and prospects of the Company. In consideration of obtaining this proprietary information, you agree:

  1. The fact that the business is available for sale will be treated confidentially.
  2. Any information received about the business will be treated confidentially, and you will take all necessary steps to protect its confidentiality.
  3. All visits and showings will be in the presence of a CenterPoint Business Advisor, Inc. advisor.
  4. Any information received about the business will be used solely to make a decision about a possible purchase.
  5. Any information received about the business will be disclosed only to those persons directly involved in a possible acquisition of this business such as (potential) partners, attorneys, accountants, bankers, appraisers, etc.
  6. The names and relationships of any person(s) to whom any information about the business, is disclosed will be provided, in full, to CenterPoint Business Advisors, Inc.
  7. If you decide that you do not desire to pursue the purchase of the business, you will promptly inform CenterPoint Business Advisors, Inc. of this decision and return all information furnished to you without retaining copies.
  8. All requests for information, inquiries and offers by you to purchase the business referred to above, which is presented to you by CenterPoint Business Advisors, Inc. will be made solely through CenterPoint Business Advisors, Inc.
  9. Although you understand that CenterPoint Business Advisors, Inc. and the Company have included in this proprietary information certain information that we consider to be relevant for the purpose of your investigation, we do not make representation or warranty as to its accuracy or completeness.
  10. You acknowledge that we represent the Seller as their agent.
  11. By submitting this form, you represent and warrant that you have the adequate legal capacity to enter into the above Confidentiality Agreement and that you shall be bound by and are a party to this Confidentiality Agreement.

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Confidentiality Agreement